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Sample ImageHaving worked with top companies in both the media and entertainment industries, TargamaT has developed unique expertise in multimedia translations. The need for high-quality multimedia translations is a must for the entertainment and media industry. Furthermore, multinational corporations and government organizations are relying more and more on multimedia platforms to train and educate their target audiences. Trusted Translations has developed a specialized division dedicated to handling all types of multimedia translation services, including subtitling, dubbing /lip syncing and voice-overs.

With the ever-increasing presence and importance of online video content, companies looking to enhance their presentations and appearance need to make important decisions regarding how this video content will be communicated in other languages.

There are two choices for how the translated text will be expressed in an online video, which applies to all video content: subtitled or dubbed. Subtitling involves the placement of the translated text along the bottom of the screen to coincide with what is being spoken on screen. Dubbing is removing the original soundtrack and replacing it with a translated . Both of these options have pros and cons:


Pros – all content can be appreciated with the sound off; video can be paused to focus on one sentence as it is displayed on screen; maintains the original stresses and tones of the speakers’ voices.

Cons – additional clutter on the screen, which is especially negative for smaller screens on websites; abridged versions of content and choices of words that are shorter to make them fit on the screen; requires audience be literate; requires audience watch screen at all times.


Pros – content can be appreciated even when not looking at screen (at other parts of a website, for example); word choice is less restrictive; tone of voice can reflect a more natural tone for speakers of the target language.

Cons – cognitive dissonance for the viewer (they see a mouth moving and the words do not match it); voices and ambient noise that were not recorded on location.

There are many more benefits and drawbacks for both, depending on the viewer. Each company and/or production needs to make the right choice for its video before sending it to be translated, as, again, text intended for subtitles will differ greatly from text intended for dubbing. Pham

Some of our available audio talents:

We have almost 1000 different voices in our repository. If you need any other professional aspect, voice and accent, we will find the right audio talent for you.


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Integrated SolutionsIntegrated Solutions: We offer a unique content processing integration and A to Z packaging (content producing) service on the Arab market.

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Sample photoOur translation quality assurance procedures focus on the three main issues any translator has to deal with, namely: accuracy of translation, consistency of content (technical terminology) and legibility of the target document.

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Sample photoA poor translation is easily recognizable, sentences are poorly formulated or may even be unintelligible. Translations like this can do great damage to the reputation of your products and services, eventually costing you business..

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When you work with TargamaT, you can be sure your translation will be done by experts who know your industry inside out. We will make sure the translated document sounds as good, and accurate, as the original - and is totally error-free.

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