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Publishing Services

Publishing Services

Sample ImageWe provide a wide range of world-class services and solutions to the world’s leading publishers in Arabic language. These solutions are not "one size fits all" type, but are customized according to the needs of each customer. The technology and operations teams apply their extensive experience and knowledge for the development of appropriate tools, technologies, and production processes for each customer.

TargamaT production services incorporate the complete range of premedia and prepress services from copyediting to delivering files to printers and data warehouses.

TargamaT has a large team of editors who are well versed with copy editing, technical editing, and substantive editing. TargamaT editors are proficient in a variety of widely accepted style standards and adhere on to the client-specific or author-specific style guidelines. TargamaT editors prepare a style sheet for every project they handle, and the style sheet is approved by the client’s editor before implementation.

Copy Editing
TargamaT editors have experience in handling a variety of content in different domains. Some of the content types handled routinely by our editors are:

  1. Academic and scientific
  2. Commerce, marketing, and management
  3. Finance and trade
  4. Humanities and social sciences
  5. Linguistic
  6. Mathematics
  7. Medical and health related

Technical Editing
TargamaT editors ensure consistency in all style aspects and usage of terms. The editors also interface with authors and publishers for any clarifications. The editors pay special attention to:

  1. All typesetting issues
  2. Table layouts
  3. Aligning equations
  4. Complex lists
  5. Floats such as figures, boxes, and schemes

Substantive Editing
TargamaT editors are trained to look into the document’s concept, intended use, audience, content, organization of the content, design, and style. This activity is entirely analysis based for all levels – document, paragraph, sentence, or word. Some of the parameters taken into account are:

  1. Sentence complexity
  2. Conciseness
  3. Clear and logical development of ideas
  4. Use of jargon or technical terms appropriate for the intended audience


TargamaT, partenaire du Louvre pour l'arabe

Nous avons fait confiance à TargamaT pour publier nos guides en arabe. Quel résultat !

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"Everything in your service is great!"

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Integrated SolutionsIntegrated Solutions: We offer a unique content processing integration and A to Z packaging (content producing) service on the Arab market.

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Sample photoOur translation quality assurance procedures focus on the three main issues any translator has to deal with, namely: accuracy of translation, consistency of content (technical terminology) and legibility of the target document.

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Sample photoA poor translation is easily recognizable, sentences are poorly formulated or may even be unintelligible. Translations like this can do great damage to the reputation of your products and services, eventually costing you business..

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When you work with TargamaT, you can be sure your translation will be done by experts who know your industry inside out. We will make sure the translated document sounds as good, and accurate, as the original - and is totally error-free.

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TargamaT recognizes that any data provided by the User is extremely important to the User, and TargamaT will be particularly sensitive in handling such data.

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