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Sample ImageWe provide a wide range of translation services, from the translation of engineering patents and technical documentation; to localization of medical software and websites; to adaptation of multimedia presentations to world-wide audiences. 


No matter which pack you choose, for every translation:

  • You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will keep you regulary updated on the translation progress, make sure all deadlines are met, and answer all your questions.
  • Your document will be handled by a highly skilled production team with native speaking translators, editors, proofreaders, QA and DTP specialists.
  • Your translation will be carried out and reviewed by expert linguists with an extensive knowledge of your industry in one of our specialized departments
  • We will systematically use Computer Assisted Translation tools for enhanced quality and significant cost savings.
  • Thorough Quality Assurance checks will be performed according to our Quality Management System and the European standard for translation EN15038.

In addition to those packs, we also offer complementary services such as alignment, post-editing or terminology management. Contact us for more information or check our full list of services.

TargamaT operates as your partner in the creation of multilingual versions of documentation. We provide translations from English, French, German, Spanish into Arabic for:

  • E-Learning, Documentation, User Manuals, Getting Started Guide, Technical Documents.

We use the latest technologies for terminology management, glossary management and translation memory, and our use of these technologies enables us to deliver consistently great results, as well as, cost savings that we pass on to our customers.


Editing consists of a bilingual review of the translated document. It is a quality assurance stage in which the editor carefully compares the source text and target text, refines the translation and checks the following points*:

  • Consistency; Accuracy regarding the industry terminology; Compliance with the customer’s terminology; Omissions; Grammar, spelling, punctuation; Formatting – tags; Style: compliance with the customer and/or industry style guide or our internal style guide; Adherence to references


Proofreading is the final stage of the writing process. Unlike editing, proofreading is a monolingual review of the translated document (the source document is only referred to if needed, to clarify queries) that simulates the experience of the end user. It is performed by a second or third linguist with knowledge of the relevant industry and involves checking for spelling, grammar and other types of errors*and ensuring that the final translation:

  • Is consistent regarding the industry terminology, style and writing conventions; Meets all the customer’s requirements and the purpose of the translation; No longer reads like translation




TargamaT, partenaire du Louvre pour l'arabe

Nous avons fait confiance à TargamaT pour publier nos guides en arabe. Quel résultat !

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"Everything in your service is great!"

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Integrated SolutionsIntegrated Solutions: We offer a unique content processing integration and A to Z packaging (content producing) service on the Arab market.

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Sample photoOur translation quality assurance procedures focus on the three main issues any translator has to deal with, namely: accuracy of translation, consistency of content (technical terminology) and legibility of the target document.

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Sample photoA poor translation is easily recognizable, sentences are poorly formulated or may even be unintelligible. Translations like this can do great damage to the reputation of your products and services, eventually costing you business..

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When you work with TargamaT, you can be sure your translation will be done by experts who know your industry inside out. We will make sure the translated document sounds as good, and accurate, as the original - and is totally error-free.

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TargamaT recognizes that any data provided by the User is extremely important to the User, and TargamaT will be particularly sensitive in handling such data.

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